All members of the Guild shall be guided by the code of conduct as stipulated in the rules and regulations governing Guild meetings.

  1. ​Members shall not undermine the Guild constitution and getting involved ​in treacherous activities. ​
  2. Members shall avoid involvements in scandalous and immoral acts bound ​to damage the good name of the Guild. Such scandalous immorality ​embraces fighting, excessive intoxication and such a related acts.
  3. Members shall be required to maintain at least minimum levels of self respect.
  4. Members shall avoid negligence of duty of work, which falls in their jurisdiction.
  5. Members of the Guild shall not engage in any form of corruption, embezzlement or any financial frauds while dealing with Guild affairs. Any official member of the Guild who shall be proven beyond reasonable doubt to have misappropriated Guild funds shall face disciplinary committees of the Guild or that of the University and efforts shall be made to recover such funds even when the said officer is out of office.
  6. Members shall be expected to attend meetings which are legally convened in their respective categories as and when they are called upon to do so.
  7. It shall be a gross violation of this code for any member to absent himself/herself from any legal meeting without any apology stating the reason for such absence.
  8. The president, executive, the guild disciplinary committee or university authorities shall deal with contravention of this code of conduct, as the case warrant.