• The Board of Directors are the founding body, subscribers to the University, owners and the supreme authority in the University.
  • The Board of Directors shall have supreme authority regarding the structure, Government and functioning of the University and shall enjoy the authority invested in them in exercising of that power.
  • The Board of Directors may, subject to the provisions of these articles, may delegate the exercise of any aspect of its supreme authority to any other organ of the University and shall be in writing.
  • The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility to mobilize resources and funds for the establishment and development of Nile University.
  • The Board of Directors shall network with internal and external Universities, Organizations, Foundations, States, Embassies, etc; to attract support for the University.
  • The Board of Directors shall approve or ratify such Officers of the University appointed by the University Governing Council as is provided for under these articles and in accordance with the Statutes currently in force.
  • The Board of Directors shall be and are the final decision makers in crucial issues and major undertakings and events of the University.

Nile University Board of Directors is constituted of both National and International members to provide practical quality Higher Education that contribute to socio-economic development of West Nile region, the Country and the wider International Community. Therefore, there is overwhelming support for the University from the local and the International community.

The Board of Directors shall include the International sector to give a well-balanced sector of leadership, reflecting the diversity of the people in Uganda and the International Community with emphasis on the high caliber of the members to provide effective leadership in the University.

The Government of Uganda, particularly the Ministry of Education and Sports, Office of the Prime Minister and the National Council for Higher Education are very supportive.